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Hollow plastic formwork

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Hollow plastic formwork
Issue Time:2020-03-17
Hollow plastic formwork
The plastic hollow building template adopts the imported polypropylene resin as the raw material, adopts the exclusive formula, adds the toughening, the reinforcement, the weather resistance, the anti-aging, the flame retardant and so on the chemical auxiliary agent, the strength is small, the deformation is small, suits under various conditis to usone
1.To reduce the cost, the turnover of new building template more than 50 times
2.Energy saving and environmental protection, no harmful gas release of the new building template, the template can be scrapped after repeated processing and regeneration
3.Smooth and smooth, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, small coefficient of expansion
4.Stable weather resistance
5.Superior performance, high strength, good toughness.No cracking, no layering
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