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TONGSAN in 25th Korea International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (KOPLA S2019

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TONGSAN in 25th Korea International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (KOPLA S2019
Issue Time:2019-02-04
Qingdao Tongsan  in 25th Korea International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (KOPLA S2019)

The 25th Korea International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (KOPLA S2019), hosted by Korea E&EX, will be held at the KINTEX International Exhibition Center in Korea. In 2017, 380 exhibitors from 26 countries around the world will exhibit plastic and rubber machinery, molds, etc. Products, as well as a range of applications from product design to cutting-edge technology, have an exhibition area of 20,000 square meters.


Our company (Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery co., LTD.) will participate in the 2019 KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center).
The exhibition will be held  from 12/3/2019  to 16/3/2019.

(Exhibitors 09:00 a.m. ~ 5:30 p.m.)

 Our booth number is P722..

Welcome to our booth.We will always provide good quality machines and best service .

Qingdao Tongsan 2019 KINTEX
With a land area of 99,300 square kilometers and a population of 500.87 million, Korea is currently China's third largest trading partner, the third largest exporter and the second largest source of imports. According to my customs statistics, the trade volume between China and South Korea in 2011 was 156.23 billion US dollars. The broad development space creates a good opportunity for companies interested in developing and developing the Korean market. This exhibition will undoubtedly become the best platform for companies to reach deals. South Korea is one of the four small dragons in Asia. It was called a new industrial country in 1978. At that time, the per capita GDP was US$1,160. By 1990, the per capita annual output value had reached US$4,968, and the domestic production in 2011 was 8,329. In the case of billions of dollars, the average national income is US$17,175, and the national production is US$837.2 billion. Among them, the value of imports from China reached 9.85 billion US dollars. The main imported products are petroleum crude oil, electrical equipment, machinery, copper wire, optical instruments, organic chemicals, ores, plastics, automobiles, etc. The main imported sources are from mainland China, Japan, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Germany, and Taiwan. Indonesia, etc.
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