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What is honeycomb plate?

What is honeycomb plate?

Update Time:2019-11-12

Honeycomb panels are made of two thinner panels that are firmly bonded to both sides of a thicker honeycomb core, also known as a honeycomb sandwich structure. In addition, the honeycomb panel also refers to a panel in which a large number of cut-off waveguides are welded together to form a cut-off waveguide array to form a large opening area while preventing electromagnetic wave leakage.

Introduction to Honeycomb Board
Honeycomb panels are divided into functions: buffered honeycomb panels and packaged honeycomb panels. Due to its special structure, it can improve the compressive strength, and the paper honeycomb panel can reduce the cost. Honeycomb plate aperture is generally divided into 8mm, 16mm, 32mm size, paper honeycomb panel 280g weight / 1 square meter. Paper honeycomb panels can be used to make a variety of trays, liners, packaging boards, crates, and more. Paper honeycomb panel is a new type of green packaging material that is developed in developed countries this year to save resources, protect the ecological environment and low cost. It has many advantages such as light, strong, stable, heat preservation, heat insulation and shockproof. In terms of volume, it is as small as 0.4 cubic meters and as large as 6 cubic meters. Load, light 1 kg, heavy 2500 kg.

Honeycomb board application
(1) Building curtain wall exterior wall hanging board
(2) Interior decoration engineering
(3) Billboard
(4) Shipbuilding
(5) Aviation manufacturing
(6) Indoor partition and commodity display stand
(7) Commercial transport vehicles and container truck bodies
(8) Buses, trains, subways and rail vehicles
(9) For the modern furniture industry with strict environmental protection requirements, the use of aluminum honeycomb panels to make furniture processing materials is a good material choice in the new century. Its completely non-toxic green quality allows furniture manufacturers to process In the case of furniture, unnecessary environmental protection procedures are eliminated; in addition, aluminum honeycomb panel panels can be diversified such as solid wood, aluminum panels, gypsum board, and natural marble materials, all of which can be made into honeycomb panels, and the materials are convenient to select.
(10) Aluminum honeycomb panel partition: The appearance of aluminum honeycomb panel partition breaks the traditional traditional partition mode, and has won the market share of medium and high-grade office space with its noble, fresh and style.

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