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Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in  1997 as a professional plastic machinery manufacturer. Our factory is only 40 minutes to Qingdao Port and 20 minutes to Qingdao New International Airport.Qingdao Tongsan is exclusively specializing in  designing manufacturing a great variety of plastic machinery.We have 22 years experience for the corrugated pipe making machine.And we are theprofessional manufacturer to develop hollow grid sheet making machines. We have a team of professional designer and engineers to continuously develop and improve plastic pipe and profiles making machines.Converged with the national first-class scientific talents,our company is engaged in the study of new-type plastic machines and the conversion of international high-and-new technology.We will supply the high performance and high tech plastic machines.More about us

Plastic Hollow Corrugated Sheet Making Machine

Component of the PP hollow corrugated sheet


       Single screw extruder

The specially designed screw and the

advanced controlling system ensure

excellent plasticization,

high output and stable extruding.

1, auto spiral screw feeder

2, drying hopper

3, siemens motor

4, aluminum heater

5, bimetallic screw


    First six rollers haul off machine

There are two tractors. The first one is high

power,high reduction ratio, multi-roller type,

well low-speed operation, high traction and

is able to draw the plate up from the

calibrating table evenly and synchronal.


    No-stopping screen changer

Quick screen changer of hydraulic

system ensure the continuously working

of screen changing.Double position

combined with special sealing structure

guarantee stable operation of screen changer.


    Oven device  for stress remover

The heating oven  made by 304 stainless steel,

the heating oven is equipped with separately

temperature control system for each zone to

ensure the heating to be uniform,

4 meter lengths of heating oven is necessary,


    Moudle for PP hollow corrugated sheet

Mould adopts high-quality alloy steel and

throttling device to ensure even pressure

of feed influent at the mould lips, and also

differential action of up-down piece

guarantee even thickness of the plate.

1, customized width and thickness

2, with hydraulic screen changer

3, with melting pump

4, high quality mold for precisionthickness


    Second  three roller haul off machine

The second one is designed to remove stress,

and in addition it is equipped with edge-cutting

device to ensure the valid width and smooth

cut of the edges.


    Vacuum calibrating table

Heating exchanging and cooling system

of quick speed in calibrating system alternate

effectively and ordinally with vacuum system,

which ensures calibrating precision.

Vacuum system composes two independent

subsystems and each is equipped with several

fixed circulating vacuum lines three-point type.

Meanwhile, each line carries vacuum regulating

system and display system that realize even

stable vacuum degree of plate surface.


    Cutting machine for pp hollow sheet

Accurate instant length-fixed cutting and

automatic up-down discharging system

combined with alloy steel sharp blade

realize high quality of cutting.

Production flow from sheet to corrugated box


     Raw material mixer 500kg

  Used for the mixture of the scraps,

  color masterbatch and filling after crushing


        Color printing machine

For printing logo and designs on  Packing box,

there is different printing machine, such as

single or double color printer, four color printer.


Extrusion line for PP hollow corrugated sheet

Our machine can make the PP hollow sheet

width range from 1220mm-2450mm,

thickness range from 1.5mm-12mm.


     Welding machine or booking machine

For folding the Pp hollow sheet into required

box shape, welding machine and bookbinding

machine both can work for it

    Corona machiner for surface treatment

Corona machine make sheet surface

micro-concave dense holes, plastic surface

roughening, increase the surface activity.


     Water cooling machine for production

The water cooling chiller can efficiently reduce

circulating water temperature and increase

the speed of PP hollow board production line.

     Die cutting machine for boxes making

The die cutting machine used for cutting

the Pp sheet into required shape for

folding box


     Crusher for waste material racycling

The waste produced in the production and

the waste sheet after cutting can be directly

crushed and recycling use for extruder

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